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BIG APPLE Donuts & Coffee

BIG APPLE Donuts & Coffee offers a wide selection of premium donuts, with a range of tantalizing coffees and a charming variety of tea creations. Its exceptional donut qualities come from a unique premix formula with a carefully selected blend of over 20 imported ingredients, producing donuts known for their hallmark freshness and fluffy soft texture.

Big Apple Donuts & Coffee began as a simple idea for people to come together and share their passion for donuts, and it slowly evolved into a thriving successful business built upon trust, commitment and innovation. Every day, the people at Big Apple Donuts & Coffee strive with the same passion to deliver not just great tasting donuts but a unique customer experience that encapsulates the qualities of the brand.

The brand has earned numerous coveted awards namely for quality, global growth, reliable business system, top leadership and management, and for the best donut brand in the country. It is today one of the fastest growing brands in South East Asia.

The Big Apple Donuts & Coffee brand was established in Malaysia in 2007 and later acquired in 2017 by Duskin Co. Ltd., a public listed company in Japan.

Vision Statement

To be a world class brand offering
premium quality donuts,
and to deliver a unique customer experience.


Mission Statement

  • 1 Maintaining high proficiency standards in management, production and creativity.
  • 2 To deliver consumer experience that is unique to the brand.
  • 3 Uncompromising approach to procuring the freshest and finest ingredients available.
  • 4 Growing with our customers by listening to them.
  • 5 Providing exceptional customer care and service.
  • 6 Building a unique corporate family structure to enhance team development and productivity.

Parent Company


Big Apple Donuts & Coffee’s group of companies is a subsidiary of DUSKIN CO. LTD., a Japan-based company listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It was established in 1963 and is today headquartered in Osaka, Japan.

The company operates its core business in 3 primary segments:

  • 1 The Food Group segment is engaged in the sale of doughnuts, tea, cafe food and drinks, among others.
  • 2 The Clean Care Group segment is engaged primarily in the leasing of cleaning materials and machines, cabinet towels, industrial waste cloth, water purifiers and air purification systems; the sale of daily products, cosmetics and toiletries; the provision of services including house cleaning, pest control and facility management; the leasing and sale of travel gears, baby products, leisure products, health and nursing equipment; the leasing of uniforms, as well as the sale of office coffee.
  • 3 Another more diverse segment is engaged in the leasing of commercial equipment and automobiles, the management of hospitals, as well as the provision of insurance agency services, among others.


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