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1. Are you certified HALAL?

Yes, we are certified HALAL, including our suppliers both local and international. More information on our certification can be obtained from JAKIM.

2. Do your donuts contain egg?


3. Do you offer franchise?

Yes. We are a recognised franchise brand endorsed by the Malaysian trade ministry and we offer our franchise worldwide. For more information, write to

4. What is the average calorie count per donut?

Each donut averages at about 180 kcal.

5. Can I pre-order my donuts?

Under our Bulk Order, a minimum purchase of 10 dozen boxes is required for pre-order in bulk. More information can be found at the Bulk Order page on our website.

6. How do I make a Bulk Order?

To place your Bulk Order, just call toll free 1300 88 36688.

7. Do you have delivery?

Not at the moment. However, delivery is possible with large orders meant for functions, usually for a minimum order of 50 dozen boxes.


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