Pure Delight with Happy Nuts Series

Savor the Crunch: Introducing a Delightful Twist for Nut Lovers

Get ready to go nuts for our latest indulgence! 🍩✨ Introducing the Happy Nuts Series Donuts, crafted with passion for those who cherish the rich, earthy flavors of nuts. From the creamy delight of Al-Nut to the robust crunch of Pistachio Crunchy, each donut is a masterpiece designed to satisfy your cravings. Priced perfectly for everyone across Malaysia, these treats are not just donuts—they’re a new way to experience your favorite flavors packed in our special box. Indulge in the ultimate nutty adventure with us!

Choco Almond Donut

Choco Almond

Taste the irresistible allure of our Choco Almond Donut. Adorned with crunchy almond slices and a rich dark glaze, this decadent creation boasts a creamy peanut butter heart, encircled by a velvety hazelnut lining. Each bite envelops your senses, merging nutty crunch with smooth, chocolatey bliss.

Creamy Pumpkin Donut

Creamy Pumpkin

Indulge in the unique charm of our Creamy Pumpkin Donut, crowned with a delicate white glaze and sprinkled with crisp pumpkin seeds. Inside, a lush cream cheese topping awaits, perfectly contrasted by a crème pistachio lining. This donut blends autumnal warmth with a hint of refined green tea flavor, crafting a truly gourmet experience.

Mixnut Donut


Embark on a nutty adventure with our Mixnut Donut, glazed in rich hazelnut and speckled with melon and pumpkin seeds. Inside, a heart of creamy peanut butter fresh cream filling adds a luxurious twist. This donut is a celebration of textures and flavors, crafted for those who crave a diverse, satisfying bite.

Coffee Cashewnut Donut

Coffee Cashewnut

Wake up your palate with our Coffee Cashewnut Donut, enveloped in a luxurious tiramisu glaze. This shell donut is studded with crunchy cashews and features a bold dark lining, offering a sophisticated blend of coffee-inspired sweetness and nutty crunch, perfect for any coffee lover’s morning treat.

AI-Nut Donut


Experience the decadent layers of our AI-Nut Donut, cloaked in smooth white glaze and dotted with roasted peanuts and almond slices. At its heart lies a rich chocolate filling, creating a luxurious taste journey. This donut combines classic nutty flavors with a chocolatey surprise, making every bite a delightful escape.

Pistachio Donut

Pistachio Crunchy

Revel in the crunch of our Pistachio Crunchy Donut, glazed in silky white and sprinkled generously with crushed pistachios. A distinct pistachio glaze lining adds a vibrant touch, enhancing each bite with a burst of nutty flavor. This shell donut is a true celebration of pistachio, perfect for enthusiasts of this rich, savory nut.

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